Take one many times daily.

I like to take large doses of people I like, and I like to take them often. I like to hear and see and laugh with the parts of my heart outside of my chest every minute the heart inside my chest is beating. It's just the way I am. And I don't really expect other people to be the same way, but I can definitely appreciate when they are. 

I told a stranger the other day to have a good day, and he told me that it's always a good day when you wake up on this side of the grass. That made me smile pretty big, because he's so right. 

Sure ok, the check engine light on my car and I are going to be celebrating an anniversary soon. My gas tank rarely sees more than a quarter tank at a time. I definitely need new tires, and I'm still rocking the big and now rusty dent from last winter's icicle attack. So the fuck what. Bippy and I make do with what we have, and she goes from A to B like a soldier. She treats me well, and I'm thankful to have her. 

There's this ongoing list I keep of people I'd like to take to a fancy dinner. It would have to be fancy, because it would take at least seven spectacular courses to unload a notable enough fraction of thank you's from my mouth. I'm multi-lingual in my love languages, so the same people also make up the list of who I'd give the world to if fortune was my forte.  

What I'm getting to is that the guy from the other day said it perfectly. This side of the grass is a good place to be. It may not always be green, but it will always certainly be greener than the alternative. 

My life only gets shorter by the second. Loving big and in excess is the way to go. Moderation should be used in moderation.   


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