The faults and merits of excellent posture.

I always feel a little bit high after playing a show, and last night was no exception. Charley was kind enough to share his stage with me at Sparky Town. I dragged all the people from work out to the show, and we all geeked out about how good the PA sounded. I get nervous sometimes playing in front of other musicians. I just know the little fuck-ups that sometimes make their way into my performances have a harder time eeking by them. Overall, I felt good about how it went and felt appreciated by everyone who lent me their ears, eyes and evening. 

I drove home and almost immediately crawled into bed. I got to talk to Wizzy for a little bit, but we both had an exhausting last week... his even more so than mine. I requested a brief appearance of my favorite shadow animal, and we said our good nights.  

Today, I woke up still tired and slightly off kilter. I scrambled around the house getting dressed while singing harmonies to the oldie but goodie Swiss Army Romance. It brought to mind some decade old moments that made me smile just enough to slightly adjust my balance.  

Mid-day, I hid away in my car and called Kma. It's always nice to hear her, especially on days that feel like moon days even though they aren't. We talked about last night's show, caught up on some business stuff and touched on a few topics slightly more enigmatical.  

I read something one time about the value of having some enemies. It said that having them just means you stood up for something sometime in your life. On occasion, I have to force myself to remember that. I'm not so sure I stand up for what I think as much as I should. Thank you, Winston, for sparking my stance.  


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