To do list cliff notes from the recovery room shower.

1. Open my eyes.  
2. Meditate. If I can't find clarity, maybe clarity will find me.  
3. Wash my face and try to scrub away the upside down grin I wore to bed.  
4. Eat breakfast while looking out the toxic little window in the palm of my hand. Consider partaking in a slightly less fatal activity like smoking and then remember I can't afford the taxes on cigarettes.  
5. Move around a mouse and click until something looks pretty enough to make people spend their money.  
6. Utilize the firewall my brain built sometime before I was three and the tuning out skills I acquired while working at a very loud guitar store.  
7. Try again after failed attempt number one kajillion and forty eight.  
8. Call my big brother. Or Jack. Or Kmase. Welcome the comfort of their words and unconditional credence. 
9. Remind brain to send some sense and bandaids southward and include this note: Dear Heart, Eclipses are transitory. The once lovely lighting within you will soon be lovely again.  
10. Rinse, repeat and love yourself. 


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